Monday Mornings be like

Remember your Self often, it will help you forget yourself


The sun was a bit dim than usual, but her glow lightened up the morning,

There was a smile on her lips, which was making the beauty a ton more beautiful,

Soon the mood shifted in her face as the time moved along with some speed,

The morning had not only brought with a new day but also overdue items, in its deed

Smile was back after she glanced through her to do list,

the hope of new day had lifted the mood spoiling mist.

My dear find your confidence in everything you do and every way possible,

You are enough for the task in hand and you are very much able

Don’t be scared of living dreams, or sleeping nightmares,

You will pass through, with Grace around, in life’s fair.

Go on and explore and learn and beget what you dream

For you are apple of your mom’s eye,

Your success is waiting for a silent scream

Make yourself more of what you are, and opponents shy.

Whats up with obsession

At this point in life I am convinced evryone has some or the other OCDs. When look back at my life and also look around people whom I have met, i see everyone is obssessed with something or other. We always end up liking something so much more than it needs to be. To an extent our mind has fixated on it, and allows no other thought to over power it.
Some people have OCD which are expensive, some not so, some are too useless to even worth a mention.

In my limited experience the when OCD is actually towards God its not a disorder. Its devotion, which is bascially love for God. The purity of love then transforms it from disorder to an act of highest order.

Every other type of attraction that mind is fixated upon is from as said Mind. Since mind is just a projection, it gets entangled in worldly objectz which is itself a projection and delusion. When mind is fixated on God, it gets driven from heart towards The object of reflection.

In my childhood, i remember once i was running high fever and my mom was quite worried. The usual home remedies were not effective. And then my mom suddenly asked me what i wanted, what will make fever go away.
And i said i want to buy a pair of sandals 2hich i had seen sometime back in a shop while returbing from school. That indeed turned out to be the medicine, after my wish was fulfilled, my fever vanished. As i reflect back on this particular happening, years later I realise how much mind and body is connected.
The obsessisveness of mind can also make the body behave in a stranger way.

All obssesion, when you look deeply arise from liking by senses. From eyes to ears, the liking towards a particular song or a particular movie or for that matter a person or an action, driven by senses. There is a very thin line between being passionate to being obssessed.
What really differentiates the two is the power of discrimination, discertion.
When we become so passionate as to overlook the moral aspects about anything or anyone, the fundamental priniciple of Dharma kicks in. We end up doing whats not right, then right doesnt necessarily happen to us. Passion and Obsession can lead to glory, but will that glory give you the contentment will forever remain a mystery.

I believe, have not myself fully reached it, that a moderation of everything is much needed,
For life to remain entangle free and mind to remain absolutely peaceful.


Respect your efforts

6 February 2021

You did lot of hard work, put in lot of effort, yet the fruits of your endeavour escape you. Though the sweat turned to blood but there is no respite on the aspect of finding happiness. You feel bit desperate, and want to give up, well don’t. 

Remember a famous book, The Alchemist, every sincere reader found something relevant, some found a guide, others a direction. For me too it was like a lighthouse, that beam of light which made me believe in my goals. My take from book was one of the simplest, it spoke to this – you will find it, at the end

We are searching for ends, in our every endeavour, during these journeys, we often enjoy but sometimes we are lost in the counting the steps that we have taken, that we start feeling heaviness in our feet. We may or may not give up, that’s discussion for another day, but what about that feeling which crept up all along the journey and steps became heavier. 

One morning when I went for a morning jog, I started at a very good pace, lessons I had heard previous evening from a long distance running coach, I was trying to execute them. After about 6 and half mins, I started feeling tired, my legs started feeling heavy as I looked at the step counts which read 1500. Another day, I was cleaning my house and then after about one and half hours, I was not feeling tired, but I looked at steps counts – it read 2500.  During one of the badminton game day, I counted my steps at 15000, tired not at all.

As I thought about all of them together I realised, when I was absorbed by the work which was at hand, more than just looking at success of it, my legs never felt heavy. When we watch a movie or read a book which is nice and absorbing we don’t realise how the time has flown, instead of passing, same is not the case with a boring book or movie. So it seems quite easy to put effort in or don’t get tired when we are really interested in something or passionate about it. But what if the work in hand is not so interesting to start with. Imagine, a pilot who loves flying and is asked to make journal entries. How and why should he find passion in the job at hand. 

In my view, we need to first to put effort and then start developing liking about job in hand. In whatever we do we have to give our best, more than 100%, even if we are not getting the desired result. Out of the 6 badminton games I played on that day where my steps count was 15000, I lost all except one, but I never felt like stopping or tired. But when I was jogging, just after 1500 steps I was feeling tired. 

It helped me a lot when I started liking everything about running. I found some great runners, and read about them, it spiked my interest and thereby liking. I can’t run long distance, but the 3km or 5km which I run I don’t feel tired anymore than what I was feeling with badminton games. 

While doing my office work as well, sometimes it gets tough as the results I seek elude me.  The moment when I am putting effort is most enjoyable, the moment when I am with work, in it, absorbed that’s the moment which is most desirable, at times more than result itself. It doesn’t stop me getting to the results, but keeps me fresh to enjoy when the results come in.

Once we put our heart in it, it becomes more than just a journey or a destination. Success has many factors, but one factor of which I am sure is in my hand is hard-work, that golden chance of putting effort I don’t want to miss.

It is toxic to get too absorbed in work, but then too much of anything is toxic. I think we all can be more by being more respectful to our efforts, not just to results at the same time results should definitely drive us.

Why or How of life?

If you look closely at everything we do, it is but an exercise in pain reduction or in other words seeking comfort and pleasure. Right from getting up late in the morning, till late night watching of television, its all about what we feel comfortable with. Every action and word we express or do, its all about pleasure. The animal instinct, the basic human tendency  is to find a source of happiness via making mind comfortable. Well its a good focus to have and quite logical too. The problem arises when the means to achieve it gets misleading. 

An easy example is usage of a dishwasher, its one of the machines which makes life comfortable and living, a cake walk. But have we ever stopped to think what is the pressure created on water and other sources of energy by one simple run of machine. The thread continues, we start cooking more and use multiple utensils, because we know there is a dishwasher run scheduled for the evening. 

as you pause and look around you will observe that there is vast number of items which were not needed, but became a requirement since we started using them and they only complicated it further. When you take a step back you will realise, essence of living comfortable is an enormous pressure on the world and environment. The Mother Nature, provides what’s needed but our innovation which is chased by comfort we seek, is making nature turn into a machine than a mother.

Enormous focus on level of living has made us lose why we are living. The question we are seeking now is different one, not why we are living, but how are we living. How much is our comfort level? How much can we avoid pain? How can we delay the inevitable?

When we look at our history (the real one) we see that, we were never taught to chase comfort but were shown way to chase what’s real. With co-existence at its core, the ancient teachings focused on making a life which where the why of life was more important than the how. The how was determined by the why of life. The sages were seekers of reality, we have become consumers of comfort. The more we consume for comfort, farther we are from reality. Since the pain-reduction is main goal, the methods through which it is achieved also loses its direction. Allowing humans to just do what they like, say what they like. The crime is one such outcome, we also observe declining values, because society is allowing the comfort/ pain removal to become its primary goal. 

We should strive for equanimity. In my view, it refers to treating pain and pleasure as one the same internally. It does not mean to become unemotional but rather it means to remain un-affected by the two sides of the coin. We still experience the pain and pleasure but we don’t indulge our mind in it. And as we go through with it day in day out, we will eventually become more aware of the why of life and also why of pain. We will find better ways to deal with pain than just seeking comfort. We will end up having what we need and not create requirements which become necessity. 

Often we see a comparison made between life before and after introduction of mobile. Has life become better is asked? Quotes often given that many lives were saved because of the presence of the mobile, but how about whole manufacturing of it depleting the nature, and then as we needed to add more colours and sophistication and production numbers, we depleted the nature at a much quicker pace. A ruined nature can only end up ruining the life human or otherwise. Nature follows a simple principle, if you protect Nature, it protects you. If you destroy it, well you know what’s happening. 

I have been a culprit of destroying nature by my desires for mobile phones. But after writing this article and when I read it several times, now I know what have I done. Will end the article also my desire towards changing mobiles!